Monday, December 13, 2010


I've reached the age where life stops giving me things,
And starts taking things away.
The most important thing for me,
Is how I react to the situation.
I do not choose to run away like a coward.
Instead, I force my mind to look at the circumstances.
From a logical perspective, I can make adjustments.
I seek quality by using each moment to my best advantage.
I can and will overcome the deficits caused by my age.
I will do this through knowledge and action.
The young man is blessed by his youth,
But he is blind to reality.
The old man has the advantage of experience,
To see things as they really are.
He must take the time to look.
This is the most important rule.
The foolish young man perceives only a few of life's gifts.
The wise old man sees many gifts.
Therefore, the playing field is groomed for his advantage.
My perceptions define my realities.

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