Thursday, December 16, 2010


I fell asleep in my chair again today.
My afternoons are meant for this.
It ain't so warm in this old house.
So I snuggle in my den, wearing my hooded sweatshirt.
I cover my legs with blankets.
I ease back into my Lazy-Boy chair.
I eat my lunch there, and watch TV.
Pretty soon it's dreamland for me.
When I wake up, I think of my working days.
I look out of my window at the snow.
I see myself on the job yelling at everyone.
I put on quite a show.
It's a silly drama now.
It made no sense.
Construction foremen are often quite dense.
I wish I had taken it a little easier back then.
Maybe today, I'd have a couple more friends.
I learned from my past.
I guess we all do.
I'm grateful for retirement.
And my afternoon snooze.


  1. Hey Rich...for some reason I am not notified on Buz about your blogs.....I missed reading them...what's up with BUZ? You know..the google BUZ....

  2. i just fixed the google buzz problem, Mike! was puter related!...Looking forward to Christmas...I will call yah this week!