Thursday, December 9, 2010


Now that I'm older, I notice more things. Like today, when I looked at the lady who was at the cash register. I figured she was around seventy-years of age. I noticed that she was efficient and friendly. When she spoke, I knew she was from out East. Probably the New Jersey, or New York area. I was right. After asking her, she confirmed my assumption. She was dressed well, and had her hair cut bob-style. It was straight and she had bangs. She looked very demure. Her hair was a beautiful white. She reminded me of the silent film star, Louise Brooks. This cashier knew how to put on makeup and jewelry with flair and style. She was a true professional. She probably worked at an upscale department store once upon a time. Now, because of her age, or other circumstances, she hunkered down at Kohl's Department Store. Such is life.

As I checked out, she was courteous and friendly. She smiled, and wished me a happy holiday. I boldly asked her if she was Jewish. She smiled at me and said, "Yes". (I have always adored Jewish women for some reason). I thanked her profusely, and wished her a happy Hanukkah. I hoped that I hadn't offended her. we continued smiling at each other as I left the store. She made me feel warm inside. I was very happy to have met this woman for some odd reason.

I entered another store in the mall. I noticed that most everyone was younger than me. Most of them were frowning as they scurried around. I was surprised that people looked so miserable. This used to be such a happy time of the year. I guess it is a sign of these modern times. Hurry, hurry, hurry. They were all passing me, and bumping into me. I guess that now, I move too slowly. I have turned into my parents. I wonder if my mom and dad noticed these things too?

I bought a pair of ugly snow boots. They were army green and insulated with felt liners. I got them on sale. I was so happy to find them! They were a steal for thirty-three bucks. Three or four years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead in mucklucks like this. Back then I was more style conscious. I would rather have sore and frozen feet. Not anymore. I notice now, that I dress for comfort, not style. I figure there is enough physical pain in my life, without adding to it. Plus, I don't care anymore if I impress anyone with my apparel.

The cold winds and ten-degree weather didn't bother me today. I wore my Carhart brand cold-weather gear. It kept me warm and toasty. The fresh, icy air felt good as I inhaled it. I noticed the shapes of gray clouds and the barren trees in the forest preserve. I'm happy to be alive on this lovely December day. I'm glad I don't have to rush around anymore. I get to notice more things.

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