Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The hunter hunts.
He tracks his victim.
The hunter justifies his actions.
He claims he has a moral right.
The hunter makes the rules.
He is outfitted for comfort.
The hunter is well-fed.
He has nice lodging.
He has better equipment than the hunted.
The hunter claims to have a superior mind.
He sees the hunted as a disposable unit.
The hunted one must be culled.
It has no rights.
This is the nature of the game.
We live in a violent world.
We say we hunt for loftier ideals.
Mostly, we hunt because we are greedy.
Animals hunt to survive.
Animals are more moral than men.
This makes me sad.


  1. Have you seen that commercial with the X-Marine drill instructor playing the role of the therapist/psychiatrist with the patient complaining about what makes him sad? And then then X-Marine explodes with rage calling the patient a Namby Pamby and a jackwipe? Yea...I thought about using that as a response but on second thought...it doesn't fit! You are right Rich...this is a very sick world we live in!

  2. the more simply said, the more impact the verse has, i think...we need to change it...the US govt. spends 450 million dollars on war every day!...Imagaine what that money could do for the "good".