Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I will live me life, 'til I'm all used up.
Press on matey, never give up!
I'll go kickin' and screamin' to me grave.
The devil can wait, 'til I have me say!
To hell with that old, easy path.
Adventures, yah see, is where it's at.
I'm a Viking prince.
I have much to do!
I likes to fight, to whore, and spew.
Vituperative stuff comes outta' me mouth.
But I aint a bad bloke, by most accounts.
I've traveled the world.
I've seen many things.
I've rolled a few dice.
I've had me flings.
I've drunk enough whiskey,
for a platoon of men!
I'd like to start all over again!
Me harlots are with me, on this primrose path.
I say, "Dry your eyes girls, I'm cummin' back!"
No devil will keep me in a cold, deep grave.
I'm a ramblin' man.
I'll return in a day!
So lay me to rest.
But yah better look back.
Me arms are a-slingin'
As I get outta' me rack!
I never give up.
Yah can't keep me down.
I'm an immortal, damn Satan!
Yah horn-headed clown!
So give me your pitch fork.
Yah can go back to hell.
I aint used up yet.
So don't ring my bell!

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