Monday, January 17, 2011


I wanna' be just like that guy in the Viagra commercial.
You know the guy.
Tall, good-looking, in shape.
He has the muscle car.
He has the cool jeans, and cowboy boots.
Suzy-Q is on the radio.
He's one tough, old cowboy!
His car is overheatin'.
He stops at the gas station,
and gets some water for him and his ride.
He doesn't even fear the gall-danged hot radiator water!
It wouldn't dare splash him,
even if he can't get a hard-on!
He leaves, and Homer at the gas station,
waves him goodbye.
The gas station attendant knows this old boy is cool!
As the sun sets, you see him pull up to a
million dollar home!
Yeah, that's right!
This dude not only looks like a buff construction worker,
but he has money too!
He just can't get it up, without the little blue pill.
One light is left on in his house.
It's his hot Barbie Doll wife waiting for him.
She has on his favorite nightie!
It's gonna' be a long, hard night.
Yeah, sure.