Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This neon world is too much for me.
It's a world of fast food commercials,
policical chicanary,
deparate houswives,
and fireworks displays.
It's a new world that masks realities.
"Everything is gonna' be alright",
is the war-cry of insanity.
This carnival is non-stop,
with pom-pom girls,
quarterback heroes,
and reality shows that are unreal.

The book stores are closing.
Art sales are down.
Ronald McDonald is still America's clown.
He thrives.
So does Walmart, Starbucks, and Taco Bell.
No mas!

It's fourth and one.
A mere ten seconds is left in the game.
The home team is on its own five-yard line.
Ain't it a shame?
Education's not funded.
Intellectualism is dead.
The neon world is stuck in our heads.

So let me live my virtual life.
Soon I might have an adroid wife.
Sunrises and sunsets will be viewed on a screen.
Outdoor activities, only a dream.
From birth to the grave a neon haze.
Lordy, I long for the "good-old" days.


  1. I like your idea of an android wife! But what if it goes haywire right at the wrong time? Know what I mean? I'm also thinking that in the future it will be possible to keep the brain alive in a little box even though the body is gone and withered away....somehow we will be able to keep those electrons and neutrons functioning without blood....just pure oxygen...then the only thing we could do would be to observe the world from virtual land! It may even be possible to speak without a mouth and tongue and vocal chords...because a software program will do it for us...we could even choose the type of voice to be heard by the listener! "Hey sexy!!! How you doin today~~~~I like the sound of your voice....ooooooohhhhh...say that again...hmmmmmmmm...oooooohhhhh!!!!"