Thursday, January 13, 2011


I took my daughter to Shannon's Irish Pub.
It was nice to treat her to lunch.
I used to hunker down on the bar in there.
Spent many a late night with the other drunks.
Catherine and I both ate salads.
Coffee is my drink of choice today.
I looked into her sparkling blue eyes.
She said, "Dad, you seem distant today...
like something is bothering you."
I told her I was fine.
Then I told her that I am always in pain.
It's the normal pain of arthritis and legs gone bad.
I then told her, it was just a fact of life.
Not to fear.
I am happy.
She walked too fast for me.
I wanted to linger over lunch a little longer.
But she had to get back to the city.
I took her to my friends shop.
Just for a few minutes.
He read her some strange poetry.
We had a few laughs.
I wanted her to see that there were others like me.
I am glad I am in my comfy shoes now.
I am grateful for such a beautiful child.
She has the aura and beauty of youth.
I thrive on her freshness.
There is a time and a place for everything.
I loved lunch with my Catherine.


  1. Too bad we couldn't read more crazy poetry when you were here! Catherine is a have been blessed! mj

  2. she was a whole handful when she was younger, but she turned out well!...although she is now a conservative Republican!!