Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love to watch the football games.
Without this drug,
life ain't the same.
I like the hits,
the violence too.
I get right with the hulabaloo.
The playoffs really get me off.
The hits are harder.
It's really great stuff.
Then there comes the Superbowl.
The food is good.
The booze does flow.
After this there's nothing left.
I feel abandoned.
I know there will be brighter days.
but May and June is far away.
I guess I'll have to be satisfied,
with lesser games to keep me alive.
Basketball, Hockey, Weightlifting and Track.
They are there to watch,
but somehow lack,
the mystical feeling of the football game.
Without this sport, I ain't the same.
The baseball games put me to sleep.
I need my fix.
How many weeks?
Then comes August and pre-season joy.
Then once again I am a boy.
On fields of mud, and sweat and blood.
I guess I am a football slug.
I don't care if Casey is up at bat.
I like the game of field attack.
The cold winds blow,
the wild men charge.
The battle cries,
are grand and large.
I feel the surge.
I feel the flow.
The game is on.
I won't let go.

1 comment:

  1. They can't take away our FREEEEEEEEEdom!!!!! Arrrrrgggghhhh.....I want to destroy someone! Even if it's my own teammate....I gotta hit and crunch the livin daylights outta ya! As Ahab so adroitly said...."Ohh yee white whale...from the depths of hell i stab at thee...and for hells sake...i spit my last breath at thee...ohhh yeee devil you!" Look...look mates...Ahab beckons...after him...row your hearts out boys....after him i say....Moby Dick isn't a devil...he's only a whale! After him i say!!!!! And at long last i was picked up by another ship from my life saving casket which floated to the top after Moby Dick destroyed everyone save me....and now...I alone, am here to tell you the story!