Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm lonesome
but I ain't alone
it all comes over on me
like a purple shade
or a bad vibe
slide guitars fuel the fire
of the desperateness
of the dark
smoky bars
with the laughing
women and men
cacophonous noise
happy chatter
popcorn and stale pretzels
cheap whiskey
watery beer
but still alone
all in our little lonesome worlds
never touching
even when we fuck
yeah, lonesome
pain never ends
we come in alone
we die alone
even when we hold hands
or paws
lonesome dog
lonesome cat
lonesome man
lonesome bird
lonesome woman
lonesome me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh fiddle di di! Why you lonesome? You got me? right you wrong we think we are free...we need food...we need drink...and we need to the middle of the night! We think we are alone....try telling that to the millions of bacteria and microbes you just said goodbye to...and then know there's a billion more where they just came from! Hello Mr. Rich...I know you can't hear me but thanks for the free rent....don't try and get rid of me...I'm a gene variant and could screw up your entire just leave me alone!