Monday, January 24, 2011


Man found rock, so he built with it.
He used it because it was hard.
He built great monuments to his pride.
They were built all over the earth.
They represented his perpetuity.
Damn the ego of man.
He is skin, bones, blood,
and mostly feeble minded in his ways.
In his deluded state, he thinks he rules the world.
He makes war on other men.
He commits great acts of horror.
The old monuments come down.
New ones are erected in their place.
Better materials are used,
like steel and bulletproof glass.
Man protects the new monuments with better weapons.
The balance of power on earth is ever-shifting.
Men are always dying, and new men are born to take their place.
The sun, the moon, the rain, the wind, and time,
are the only real monuments.
They are the omnipotent ones, until earth expires.
Nature is our ruler.
It could laugh at the insignificance of man,
but it doesn't.
Nature is wise.
It has no mind.
It only has purpose.


  1. Another good one Rich! Rocks are cool! Man is a fool! How could Christ forgive his murderers? Man is dumb as a rock and worse.... for the rock kills nobody! Man picked up a rock....he used it to make other rock tools like spears and knives. Ever notice how those dudes in prison can make a shank out of other from the cardboard inside a roll of toilet paper! All because he hopes to inflict an injury on his fellow man! Man is as dumb as a roll of toilet paper! mj

  2. I'll see you on Thursday...around 1...Bringing you a Jalepeno and cheese burger!