Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's time for resolutions.
Diets for new constitutions.
The fat must seek a solution.
How about a revolution?
The rich are weaker now.
They've eaten the fat-assed cow.
Get on your camouflage now.
Put greasepaint on your face.
And how!
We're gonna' take control.
We're gonna' rock-and-roll!
Don't forget to lock-and-load.
For money that's been stole.
From fools like you and me.
We're rock hard from poverty.
So get your game face on.
A new order will be found.
We'll beat them to the ground.
We're muscled and sinewed.
From years of toil and spew.
From corporate theives that knew.
They're screwin' me and you.
So get on with your resolution.
For the worker's revolution.
Don't let them fake the blame.
We won't forget their names.
It's crunch time don't you see?
A new reality.
Where the fat and thieving rich,
Won't pitch their evil bitch.
At educated fools.
Who learned to use the tools.
To build America.
It ain't just bru-ha-ha.
So raise your hands up high.
Point them toward the sky.
And remember to defend.
The women and the men.
Who labored for this land.
I know you understand.

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