Thursday, January 6, 2011


take this one moment
and make it yours.
it may be the one
which defines your life.
don't take time for granted.
one moment may bring you up.
one moment may let you down.
one moment may alter all of your days.
nothing in time is insignificant.
most people sleepwalk through life.
they worry about needless things.
things work themselves out most of the time.
concentrate on important things.
make your to-do lists every day.
do your best.
then let the rest go.
grab your important moments.
keep your eyes open.
keep your ears open.
keep your mouth shut.
see what happens.

all of this should work for you,
unless you are an artist or a writer.
if you are one of these creative types
put your head between your legs,
and kiss your ass goodbye.

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