Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Across the Nation...
It's a new sensation...
no procrastination,
It's our salvation!
a reincarnation...
It's called damnation.

Souls flutter here.
Minds flutter there.
There is no logic.
Nobody cares.

Mannequin faces...
push the broom.
Future progeny infect the womb.
They're all damned.

Silly girls purchase expensive shoes.
They sing the blues.
They damn infected fast-food meat,
then kill themselves with ten-dollar Martinis.
They drink in fancy nightclubs.
They think they are saving the world.
They are damned.

Only the foul-mouthed, degenerate wino...
of tattered form, has any cognition of "the norm".
It's neither here-nor-there.
It's fleeting at best.
The beaten don't care.
They are the best of us...
for they are honest in their damnation...
In this damn nation.

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