Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sometimes I just want to give up.
The pain becomes too great for me to bear.
More bad news comes every day.
I find I have to force myself to pray.
I know I have to carry on.
I must be a man, accept my fate.
Im just tired, I have to wait, for better news.
Deny the blues.
People depend on me.
Do not fear your destiny.
Be an example of acceptance.
No victim or whiner will I be.
Do it for your family.
But can't they see?...
I'm just tired.
Maybe with these printed words...
My luck will change...
It sounds absurd.
For my luck was good...
And now it's time,
To figure out new paradigms.
What makes me think I am immune...
To loss of health, the doom and gloom?
It comes and goes...
These madman's thoughts.
I shouldn't think.
I haven't lost.
I'm just tired.
*** from: "A spider in the corner of my mind"...available on

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