Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You want to be a celebrity?

Just get some paint...
Some cheap brushes...
slobber it all around.

Hang it in some
Mom and Pop galleries.
Tell everyone you meet...
that "you are a genius".

They will believe you!
It's a Barnum and Bailey world, you know.
They'll buy the crap, if you talk the talk.

You won't make enough money to support yourself.
They'll buy you drinks, give you drugs, spread their legs.

Then you decide to write.
Life and times.
Egotistical mounds of monumental bullshit.

You learn that fame comes like piss in a urinal...
a trickle on a miniscule level.
The young girls listen to you...
starry eyed. You play them like a fine fiddle.
You put the twenty in your pocket.
Drinking money, for your next debauche.

Hangover tommorow, today, everyday.
Pleghm is brown...dry mouth...dank sweat coming
from every pore.
family saddened.
escape them.
close them out.
you hate yourself...
ah fame!

Surrounded by my "friends".
I've made it!
I am a celebrity!
I made the deal with the devil!

Daedelus told his boy Icarus:
"Be careful not to fly, too close to the sun".

1 comment:

  1. OMG a bit too close to home. you know how badly i want it richard.