Friday, January 8, 2010

The Death of Elvis

Elvis is still alive...I saw him at the gym this morning eating a jelly donut...He looks pretty fit for 75...He had that "Elvis snarl" as he pumped iron...It amazed me that he didn't break out in perspiration, and that he worked out in a tight body suit with gold chains and flared pants.
People who amaze us are still alive...Charles Bukowski is still alive for me...I laugh and weep when I read his words. I am on a mission now to read everything he has ever written...Quite a job!...I have 16 of his tomes, and need to purchase some 30 more, to have a complete collection. My dear friend, Mike James lost a dear friend to heart disease yesterday...My heart goes out to him...but his friend will live on in his memory.
Death is but a transition. Energy is released, and evolves into other forms...When I breathe my last breath, and evolve into something else, I am hoping to be reborn as Pamela Anderson's bicycle seat!...hmmmm...not bad huh!

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