Monday, January 11, 2010


It's gone baby.
Yeah, it is.
Too many free lunches.
See you at the local theatre.
Scenes of tax dollars spent, for all the wrong reasons.
"You owe me...I want...I need".
The lament from the highest of the high, to the lowest of the low.
The American dream is broken like a raw egg.
Humpty-Dumpty is splattered on the concrete.
All the pieces are never going to be put together again.
Done in by corruption, laziness, perniciousness, perdition, and the lack of a work ethic.
The masses suck at the teat of the dead cow, once known as the land of the free.
It was the home of the brave.
It was so good, when it was corn fed.
My America.
Rest in peace.

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