Tuesday, January 19, 2010


yeah, gimme' some lovin' baby...
Spencer Davis Group...
rocked my mind and made me run...
wild in the streets of Chi-town,
with horseshoe cleats...
in 1965...falling on my ass on icy sidewalks.
Splitting those expensive shark skin pants...
bought from Smokey Joe's on Maxwell St.,
where you could still buy an honest hotdog,
or hear the blues.
Gone forever to mediocrity and big business,
and the University campus.
I remember burying bottles filled with my dad's Seagrams 7...
next to factory fences...for dance nights at "In-Motion" on 57th
and Kedzie Avenue.
Black leather jacket, ripped and torn...
pockets hanging off of it, like mail pouches.
Switch blades, and cars.
McDonald's for 15 cents.
Girls with beehive hair do's and black nylons.
440 Dodge Charger, Hemi.
All was good.
Yeah, gimme some lovin' baby.

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