Saturday, January 23, 2010


We're all waiting for something.
Maybe it's a phantom that's gaining on us.
A late unemployment check.
A shot and a beer.
Or for that special someone to get sober.
We wait for "that big break".
A good meal.
A warm place to sleep.
We wait, while we smoke our cigarettes.
We wait for our lovers to clean their crotches.
We wait for good sex.
We wait for the darkness to come...
and we rant and rave.
We wait for madness.
We expect it to come.
But it never does.
We wait to be redeemed by a deity.
We wait for a messiah.
A politician.
They never come.
We are not saved in time.
We wait...and wait...and wait...
So we are bored to death.
To tears.
To distraction.
We take no action.
We wait.
We wait for meals to come in restaurants.
We wait for Holidays.
Then we wait some more.
Finally we wait no more.
The die is cast.
We kiss our ass...

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