Sunday, January 31, 2010


i love them because:
they laugh and cry
they believe in fantasy
they say the most important things...
i miss children

children have runny noses
dirty hands
hearts as big as texas
and dreams i can't imagine
i miss children

they have boundless amounts of energy
they respond greatly to the smallest amounts of love
they like animals and ice cream
clouds and sunshine
i miss children

my child is all grown up
she is very busy
i call her less
i cannot bother her
i don't want to intrude
i miss children

maybe someday
she will give me
a baby boy or girl
i wont be too busy
like i used to be with her
because, I miss children


  1. I have a four year old you can borrow anytime!! LOL That was beautiful!!! I sometimes wish I could stop time & enjoy her even longer at this beautiful age.

  2. Rich,

    I understand.

    I missed children too, lost them to their grown-up dreams, and then lost one altogether to an early grave and a hardwood box, 5 months away from 21.

    But my daughter has a boy, he's 2 1/2 and calls me 'GrandPa'. I've made him a set of blocks that he loves. Blocks calm a young boys mind, as towers go up, slightly teetering....then crash back down into squeals and fun wreckage and chaos ( it's good practice for Life).