Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I want a totem of our love.
I am a serial-killer Romeo.
I don't need to shrink your head...
and put it on my belt with the others...
I just want a totem of our love.
Don't be afraid of me.
Our romance is over.
It lasted as long as a prom dance.
You were my Cinderella, you know.
Maybe you can give me the little glass bird...
I gave to you, to put on your windowsill...
To catch the rays of the sun, in the morning.
This made you smile.
It made you smile more than the expensive diamond necklace...
I gave you to adorn your lovely neck.
You can keep the necklace.
I don't want your money.
I don't want your valuables.
I want to remember you.
I want to smell you.
I want to feel you.
In some way I want to own you.
I don't want your panties.
I think a handerchief with the smell of your perfume...
Will suffice.
I need a totem.
I am a collector of souls.
Souls which I have no right to claim.
This is my abberation...
My ultimate undoing in the game of love.
Give me the discarded prophylactic package...
Or the empty bottle of cheap wine we drank...
Before the words were said...
The words I said that broke your heart...
And made mine even blacker.
I want a totem to remember what once was.
Like a dead rose...
Pressed between the pages of a book.
Never opened.
Never read.
Never seen again.
I want a totem.


  1. Yes, Totems.

    I too collect remnants, time tunnels of what was...These items are stored in an orderly place but still litter my soul.