Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am 81 years old.
I am very happy.
All my needs are attended to....
by a feeding tube,
and an input cable which streams,
endless information...
into my reasoning and pleasure receptors.
I pick and choose my virtual life...
from a menu which is attached,
to the arm-rests of my sleeping-
and-massage, all purpose chair.
I have options to medicate myself.
I can use psychedelics, or alcohol.
All is there for my unmitigated enjoyment.
I choose dessicated food items for the tube.
I get to have virtual sex, with whomever strikes my fancy.
I can play virtual, professional football,
without getting hurt, or moving.
I loved football as a young man.

I don't need to be ambulatory.
The United States is a thing of the past.
I now live in the World Government.
It takes care of all of my needs.
This government controls all our news and entertainment.
There are no fearful reports, like there were 20 years ago.
Everyone is happy!
Now, everyone in the world has a job!
Except old people, like me.
The young ones work long hours in sweat shops.
This is for the common good.
The government will let me live for 4 more years.
I get to stay in my wonderful chair.
I am allowed to live to the ripe old age of 85!
They allow me this, because I am a valued citizen.
I was an intellectual...a man of letters.
I paid more than my fair share of taxes.
Everyone here is so nice to me.
I picked a nice Heroin cocktail to enjoy my last hours.
I chose to be Peter Fonda, in "Easy Rider", my last virtual movie!
I can choose to die at any time!

I won't feel the pain, when I wipe-out on my motorcycle.
Captain America, will heroically go on, into the great beyond.
Our government makes sure we make a peaceful transition,
on to the other side.
Everyone in the world is connected to this wonderful mainframe now!
We're all wired in to the same computer.
It loves us all equally and takes care of all of our needs.
There is no need for competition, God, or any of those other sicknesses.
Everyone is happy.
We sure have come a long way!


  1. virtual sex with anybody!!! As far fetched as this may seem it is too close to reality! Happy, happy, happy!! We all like happy!! Very good!!!!