Monday, May 10, 2010


I was humbled by my madness.
All life is suffering.
Embrace it.
Make pain your friend.
Overcome your fears.
Dispell all negative thought.
To survive, push through fear...
and gain acceptance.
Transcendence may then come to you.
Experience ease, and gentleness.
Use the body and the mind.
Push both to extremes.
Box, pump iron, meditate, do Thai Chi,
Kung Fu, extreme aerobics, learn to breathe,
eat wholesome food, stay away from alcohol,
tobacco, and insane thought.
Take action, then relax.
Accept your Holiness.
Never harm anyone.
Remember: The victimizer is truly the victim.
Hurt only to teach.
Never feed your ego with violence.
Humble yourself.
Never embrace anything material, to excess.
Learn to die well.
The true Kung Fu Master, lives the peaceful life.
The greatest goes to his grave, without ever raising his hand in anger.
Open your heart freely to all.
Deny the ego.
Do I practice these ideals?...Sometimes.
The action rests with me.
I must choose the path of righteousness every day,
or deny it.
Certitude is the antithesis of rationality.
Am I "Ubermensch"?...NO.
Am I humble?...Not all the time.
I strive for perfection, realizing I will never attain it.
When I can raise my eyes into the heavens,
and they seem clearer than before,
then I know I am making progress.
To be a Zen Master, one must face many terrors.
Many indignities must be suffered.
One must face them all without anger, without fear.
Only then can a semblance of enlightenment,
come to the MIND.
Only then can one glimpse reality, if only for a second.
The road of a Zen Warrior is long,
and fraught with danger.
The journey may yield great rewards.
Remember: "Ten thousand men, hold ten thousand hopes."


  1. Grasshopper.... you learn many see the fear the is sharp and is long and slimy and thick...don't turn for a second....oh no... damn...there you go faster than a blink...I will not anger...I will not take revenge...I will clean the poison from my pen...and reload with positive thoughts ten thousand times again! I will do everything wholesome and be bored to death! mj

  2. Everybody was kung fu fighting.....those dudes were fast as lightening!!! Do I have to exercise?

  3. i the next post...this is what happens when one is too blissful!

  4. Debbie dearest!...You have to exorcise!...heee!

  5. LMAO!!!! I got something alright!!