Monday, May 17, 2010


Quit your jobs!
We'll take care of you.
We're big government.
A dollar here, a dollar there...
We're spending YOUR money,

Private business,
ain't your affair.
We got your back.
It's a natural fact!
The FDA will rule the day.
So China's lead,
can FUCK your head!
With products made,
in toxic haste.

Your childrens weight,
we must observe and regulate.
It sounds absurd,
but WE are here to protect you,
Don't you see?
You don't need DEMOCRACY!

A little snip here,
a little ship there,
your paycheck is dwindling,
you need not care!
We'll take care of you.
'Cause there ain't no work.
You've got nothing to do!

So play on the Internet.
Watch hours of TV
Mess with the WiFi,
heee, heee, heee!
Just let it be!
No more unions
No 401K.
You don't really need them!
It's OK!

Big daddy government,
gonna' pave the way!
Don't worry 'bout oil spills in the Gulf.
Stock market woes, you can put on the shelf.
Kids can't spell,
or count on their toes.
We'll fix that too!
Everyone knows!
We'll raise your taxes,
to fix any mess.
We have ILLEGAL LABOR here,
it's cheap, and the best!

The corporates are smiling.
It's all OK!
Don't worry about tommorow!
Just live for today!
A new age is coming.
Don't get in the way.
Where work camps abound.
Nationalization, will be most profound.
Don't let it worry you, or get you down.
All will be fixed.
A new sherrifs' in town!

Hand in your guns...
Constitutional Rights...
There's no need to worry,
there's no need to fight.
Big Governments here.
We rule the day!
Smile and be happy!
We aint goin' away!

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