Sunday, May 23, 2010


The world gets too noisy for me.
I long for more silent times...
Those times where I lay in large expanses
of desert, or grassy fields,
looking at a yellow moon...
or listening to doves,
while I'm gazing at the stars.
No thoughts, just a silence of mind.
Things seem to open themselves up to me,
in this kind of solitude.
These moments come less in my modern world.
We are like whirling dervishes,
with no direction...
dust devils with no protection.
We are dust devils who spin out of control,
then disappear as quickly as we are conceived.

It's a madness out there, I tell you.
We bombard our minds with useless information.
These things have no meaningful consequence.
Frivolous facts are generated by self-righteous bastards.
They are hypocrites of the techno-political-media machine.
They are a cabal of those who pitch endless lines of bullshit.
They extrapolate, warn, cajol, and rape my soul,
with their meaningless banter.

It's no different than this babble that I pen...
out of sheer boredom, whilst I should be meditating,
or praying, or looking for stars in huge clean skies,
which have yellow moons, and nights that have cooing doves,
and howling wolves, and mystical holy men,
whose spirits still dance.
And if I meditate long enough, sometimes...
I am fooled into seeing them.
If I stay still, and listen, and see,
I might find some crumbs of knowledge,
these holy men have left for me.
So simple, it seems,
I breathe and turn it all off.

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  1. babble you pen? I don't think so.That was illuminating poetry you were generous enough to share.I appreciate your gift, Thanx