Sunday, May 16, 2010


Garbled speech is all I hear.
It resonates in my mind.
My logic is lost.
I am confused.
I cannot hear.
I do not care.
I do not wear my hearing aids.
It doesn't matter.
My thoughts are clear.

The cacophony of the insane,
is not missed by me.
Cadaverous masses, march zombie-like,
to the dance macabre,
of political correctness.
It is ineptness, sepsis, death, "non-correctus",
of the synchophants of illogic which tortures me.

Stodgy, old fools like me turn the volume down.
We frown, and are out of the game.
Insane? Why cast blame?
It does me no good.
My "hood" has changed.
I turn the volume down.
My cowards way, will not delay the inevitable.
Decay of reality is what is true.

I knew better times.
Now, I write these rymes and pretend I hear.
My salad days are over baby;
so I nod my head affirmatively,
and I smile these cursed smiles,
to hide my dread.
The dread of Orwellian nightmares to come...
from the scum who speak loudly.
So I must hear, and adhere to logic lost,
at such a cost...
It doesn't matter.
I cannot hear, but my thoughts are clear.


  1. Your thoughts are very clear and your writing style is phenominal!! xxoo

  2. I wrote this for you...sweet babaloo..for the shit I hear, is not clear...You must climb above it all...the political correctness, will be our fall! yah Debbie!