Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i lived by my macho ways.
i never saw a wild thing,
feeling sorry for itself.
i stand firm.
my old self would rather...
freeze to death,
or run through a mile of flames,
than give up.

there was no fucking quit,
in this old boy.
i was taught that men don't cry.
we suck up the pain,
'cause it makes us stronger.
the harder i got hit,
the harder i hit back.
this was my program,
clean and simple.

violence was my high.
i found a friend in satan.
in domination.
this soothed any frustration.
eventually the strong winds came.
this big, "oak tree of a man" did break.
i saw my manly ways, deteriorate.

I protested the inhumanity.
they told me to, "shut my fucking hole!"
"this is a man's world, asshole!"
so i yelled and screamed.
i gave up my dreams for these macho ways.
i see them now.
it's all kind of a haze.

i've seen death.
move it!
so all the swingin' dicks,
moved like herd animals.
me included.
i should have quit.
but there aint no quit in me!
not yet.

i wanted to be with the best of men.
i was proud back then,
of my macho ways.
now, through the grace of God...
they have gone away.
there are no bad soldiers.
only bad leaders.
i figured out,
that God is the best leader.
peace be with you...
macho men.

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