Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's a glorious day, for chipmunks and me.
They greet me every morning with animated, chipmunk glee.
Furry little nut-eaters, they always ask for more.
Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, are promptly chewed or stored.
I adore my little chipmunk friends!
Who could ask for more?

I notice the mulch has been cast in disarray.
My furry friends have burrowed, to hide away their prizes,
for a wet or gloomy day.
I get my broom and sweep,
to keep things orderly.
The chipmunks make a mess again.
It quite amuses me.

Perfection is not God's plan.
I must accept these ways.
For I am just a man, befuddled by the maze.
One thing I've learned from observing chipmunk ways,
is there's always time for begging and living for the day.

I look at my gorgeous pansies,
and laugh heartily at their name.
They have tough, little, frowning heads,
and are stronger than most claim.
I view all the glories in nature's great plan.
I do not understand it all,
for I am just a simple man...
A man who plods along, that's all.

Finally, I am grateful.
For all these gifts I see.
I've come to a place of peace in life,
where this bounty is for me.
Sometimes, my old self peeks through.
It tries to haunt my life.
I usually block out all useless thoughts,
which cause me pain and strife.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail.
I try to do my best.
I must accept the chipmunk world,
so I can claim success.
Much of the time, this works for me.
Sometimes I swear and scam.
I'm sure that nature laughs at me,
for I am just a man.


  1. Yes, I must accept these ways! Perfection certainly is not God's plan. It's always good to just enjoy the simple things in life. It can get so complex for such silly reasons!! Chill out and enjoy those chipmunks, right!!! HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo

  2. thanks Debbie...the reading went well, at the college of dupage!...see you tommorow!