Saturday, May 15, 2010


The faintest trickle of rain begins to fall.
It reminds me of nascent spring.
The fresh aromas are in the air.
The sky is gray, but lighting up.
The rain is waning.
Trees have come to leaf.
Spring is persistently demanding my attention.
It's time to renew bonds of love...
old passions...embark on new journeys.
I must stimulate my senses.
I take in all the sights and sounds.
The scents.
I feel the sun.
I feel the rain.
It's an organic symphony.
It is all there for me to savor.
The birds are undeterred by the noise of street traffic.
They sing and flit in bird baths, in front of my domicile.
I watch them crunch on seeds, set out by my wife.
More of them are taking baths, in pools of fresh rainwater,
in the streets.
The maple tree leaves grow above my head.
The fragrant flowers are near.
Again I feel a trickle of rain.
I am grateful...
for another spring.

1 comment:

  1. I love spring, too! It is a beautiful time of year! Nice work!