Saturday, May 22, 2010


lately i feel useless.
i guess i gotta' get used to this.
no one wants to hear me no more.
they're quick with their smiles...
then fly out the door.
the more i talk, the worse it seems...
no one wants to hear, an old mans dreams.
(i still have them you know!)

maybe i talk too loud?
I'm deaf in both ears...
my head's in the clouds.
after all, who wants to hear,
a wild-eyed poet.
yet, i don't want to blow it.

i never felt useless in my younger days.
i could work with the best of 'em,
and party for days.
that's all in the past.
i ain't up to it now.
i've been put out to pasture...
an old bull with young cows.
(they laugh at me too.)
i guess...
i'm an old swingin' dick with nothin' to do.
i just feel useless...
must be more or i'm through.

promise me one thing.
remember these pleas:
someday if your lucky...
you'll be just like me.
a full, bursting bladder,
with nowhere to pee.

don't make me feel useless,
'cause in the end...
you're gonna' need,
at least a couple of friends.

if you show mercy...
i'd like to guarantee,
you might get lucky...
and have longevity.
i hope you feel useful...
and your soul is free.
not an old fool,
a cowboy, like me.

1 comment:

  1. That was incredibly well written!!!! Beautiful work!!! You can feel your soul. It was lovely dear Richard & you will live forever in your words & paintings!! I like the cowboy! ;)