Tuesday, July 6, 2010


bob dylan, sang about it.
so did satchell paige.
black man
great baseball player...
"don't look back...
there may be somethin'
gainin' on yah."
let the past go.
forgive your past mistakes...
but don't forget them.
learn from them.
then you will live better days...
learn better ways...
to look ahead
it's all in your head
the life you choose
If you give up you lose.
shed the blues
don't look back.
look ahead
to things not said.
measure your words,
with knowledge unheard,
by people you love.
be in their lives now...
and don't look back.


  1. Dylan was a Prophet! And so apparently was Satchell Paige! Don't look back....the speed is frightening! Ironic that we must look back to see where the beginning was....we are constantly looking back for clues to the future...we cannot live in the moment...there's no such thing...each action is in anticipation of the next reaction...go Cubs!....mj

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    Talk to you soon. And, good words to live by today and everyday...

  3. I am on board Aimee...You are a fine writer!

  4. Well, it's a good thing I can't even remember what I did yesterday anymore! Just joking! The past has made my present so very possible! Now that I have met you I look back and get this proud feeling that I am warrior. xxoo