Thursday, July 22, 2010


Forgetting to love, leads to a perpetual life of torment.
Feel things...touch things...see the colors, hear the sounds.
Celebrate your senses.
Experience the joy, and give it away.
Have a taste orgasm when you eat.
Chew your taste buds!
Develop a love for looking at children, cats, birds,
dogs, all wild creatures.
Their behavior will lead your mind to peaceful places.
Wave back to the trees on windy days.
Interpret the shapes of the clouds, as you lie in green pastures,
peering upwards into the majestic universe.
Make your life, your favorite movie.
Slow it down, and lose your anxious sense,
of ego-driven self.
Things always will get better...
Things always will get worse...
This is the endless loop of being.
This is reality.
Have gratitude through all the ups and downs.
It is better to live a life of thankfulness...
than anger.
On the deathbed, it is better to reflect on...
a past of love.
Offer praise to everyone on your path.
Indulge in good, meaningful sex,
which nurtures the goodness in your partner.
Never use sex to hurt someone,
or for personal gain.
Eat good food, and exercise your body and mind.
Enjoy your journey.
You might only have one.
You could have a thousand of them.
I wonder?
Be "wonderful", fellow space travelers.
Enjoy the ride.


  1. i love this. i will read it over and over.

  2. so wonderfully put.. I need to read this at the beginning of everyday.