Saturday, July 31, 2010


there are things in the dark...
beautiful things,
horrific things,
all kinds of things.
i work best in the dark.
i like the flicker of a candle...
a large orange moon.
don't be afraid,
the dark can be your friend.
you may receive phantom kisses,
from dark-clad vixens.
killer babes.
feel their heat,
ah, yeah man.
it warms you in the damp, night air.
sit alone in parks after midnight.
take a pull off a whiskey bottle.
dream your night dreams.
be a street warrior...
an urban god...
a street player.
listen to the crunch of the snow,
under your feet.
it glimmers like diamonds,
under the humming street lights.
own the dark.
feel its' danger.
control it.
never yield to it.
there are things in the dark.
beautiful things.
horrific things.
embrace them,
look for them.
make the dark, your own.

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