Sunday, August 1, 2010


I woke up, and had pain greet me.
Pain does become a friend, you know.
It reminds me that...
I am still alive.
I limp off to my studio bathroom,
to urinate.
I feel needles being stuck in my legs.
My once muscular legs, are awful sticks now.
Each of my steps, stabs me.
Cut nerves, muscle fiber and adhesions,
add to my misery.
Urination produces pleasure.
One has to laugh.
Why not?
"Shit happens", so they say...
whomever they are.
My morning coffee is good.
The sun is shining.
I pull on a tank top, shorts,
and running shoes.
I pack my bag, and head for the gym...
for more pleasure/pain/pleasure/pain.
Chelsea Clinton got married yesterday.
The tab for the wedding was anywhere from,
three to six-million bucks...
depending on what news agency,
I want to believe.
I shouldn't let this figure bother me...
but it does.
America is in pain.
I am in pain.
I should not complain.
I'm glad I woke up.

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