Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i love her so much it pains me.
her hair is dark-and-silky.
her perfect skin is like,
alabaster, ivory cream.
she cries perfect, beautiful tears.
when she laughs, she lights up the world.
i love her beyond death.
death cannot separate us.
neither can distance.
she consumes me.
i can commune with her spirit.
it touches me in erotic ways.
she is all powerful.
she fires up this love of mine.
she is a goddess.
a temptress.
i am but a man.
albeit, a lucky one.
she owns my mind, my soul.
i submit to her...
every night, willingly.
her putrification is not apparent...
to my eyes.
she hides behind a white veil of flowers.
her skull-like face, i cannot see.
i just see the beauty of this love,
that i crave so much.
She of dark and silky hair,
and unspeakable delights,
performed in the night.
she won't free me, my evil love...
i join her in the abyss of my insanity...
just she and me.
in my psychotic reverie...
we will be free,
my perfect love and me.
now i follow the arch of her back,
with fingers searching...
every inch of her skin,
and she writhes in passion,
mouth agape,
glistening lips,
i see startling beauty...
in she and me.
i cannot escape.
my evil love and me,
are in perfect ecstasy.
these psychotic dreams were meant for me.
where passion never ends,
for all eternity.


  1. It would appear it is a "perfect love" because it is a psychotic dream. There is no such thing as perfect. Oh wait, the mind yes, the mind is perfect in all that it see's, hears, feels & writes!! Good work, Richard may she always live peacefully in your mind.

  2. just some strange thoughts, deb!...lol!