Monday, August 2, 2010


Hail to the Chief!
God save the Queen!
Kiss the Popes' Holy Ring!
to the Polity we pray...
there will come a day,
when peace and joy will bring...
prosperity and wonderful things...
to the masses
the asses
who believe in "jive" like this...
who get fucked,
without a kiss.
By Heads of Church and State,
who claim: "It's not too late!"
"Just sacrifice some more,
and fight what we abhor."
'and you will have your day,
believe in what we say!'
"Then you will get to see,
a real Democracy!"
"Where equality will reign,
and you will feel no pain.
We will help, you see?',
to make your dreams...REALITY!"
(now we pass the basket around,
do not make a sound...rememember!...
this is a "holy" task!
the last shall be first...
and the first shall be last!...
in your pockets, do dig deep,
donate to US, oh gentle sheep!
you are investing in a way,
to guarantee your day...
when you finally are on top,
not just a filthy sot).
So, dig deep, brethren.
This is your way to heaven!
Trust us, if you will!
Swallow OUR magic pill,
of Bureaucratic deceipt.
Your livelihoods, we'll keep!
The disbursement of your funds,
will only fall on some.
The "Holy" few.
It surely won't be you!
What are you going to do?
Nothing WE can see.
This is reality.
You stupid, bloody fools,
WE'RE always going to rule!
With the media, WE keep your minds,
in constant fear.
So, kiss OUR "Holy" Ring...
and dream of all our things.
OUR stuff you'll never get.
WE will keep you all in debt.
Dig deep.

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  1. I had to read this a few times! Bloody awesome! xxoo