Tuesday, August 17, 2010


they discuss granite countertops,
vacation spots,
sports cars,
and six-million dollar weddings,
as russia burns,
105 degrees there,
700 people dead...
every week,
no grain harvest this year,
as the world bleeds.

they discuss business deals,
from behind mahogany desks,
wearing two-thousand dollar suits,
spinning evil webs,
as pakistan floods,
malaria runs rampant,
agent orange defoliates...
poppy fields in afghanistan,
drones are overhead,
oil in the gulf,
shrimpers afraid,
fish can't breathe,
as the world bleeds.

they eat aged, prime beef,
drink fine wines,
vacation in spain,
own half of texas,
they claim:
"i'm not to blame",
ghetto children,
eat happy meals,
and are murdered in the streets,
in chicago,
new york,
los angeles,
where blue lights flash,
their big-brother warnings,
and blood is spilled,
every day,
as the world bleeds.

they are "public servants",
who drive cadillacs,
smoke cuban cigars,
listen to spanish guitars,
in fancy clubs,
where "members only" signs,
hang on old oak doors,
while gentle old negroes,
clean their floors,
and mexican landscapers,
cut their lawns,
the rich all yawn,
and ponder their dreams,
their wants-and-needs,
all evil schemes,
as the world bleeds.

melting ice caps,
heat in seattle,
strange weather patterns,
what does it matter?
there's a new camelot.
we all shall be saved.
no need to worry,
just vote today.
i promise you everything.
i won't let you down.
just sign right here.
see you around.
now i can rest.
for now i am through.
thank god i don't live,
near the likes of you.
i'm a country club cowboy.
you're just a "rube".
i'll ride on your taxes,
you damn, bloody fool.
as the world bleeds.


  1. Lovely! I wonder if Big foot will shed some of that fur? Nahhh...he'll just move further north away from that destructive creature known as Man!

  2. aint that the truth!...the news is horrific...as the world bleeds.