Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I like to wear my old cowboy boots;
the ones with the busted seams.
Threads are unraveling,
leaving gaping holes.
I have 3 new pair...but I favor the old ones.
My blue jeans cover the holes.
It's alright.
The blue jeans are ratty as well.
But man, do they feel great!
I still like my old, wool socks.
One big toe sticks out.
That's alright.
Somehow, they still keep my feet warm.
I have brand new Italian loafers.
They were really expensive.
They feel like "butter" on my feet.
I rarely wear them.
I have new suits too.
I rarely wear them.
I hate going to the places, that require them.
Formal events.
Bah, humbug.
Everything wears out.
It's an imperfect world.
About the only things I like new are:
and Toothbrushes.
I like my wife.
I haven't worn her out...yet.
She's been around for half, my life.
For this, I am grateful.
I like my old books,
my boxes of memories,
sports trophies,
newspaper clippings...
(if they are about me.)
holy cards from wakes...
memories of those I have loved.
I can't change the world.
I watch a bunny eating the new blades of grass.
He's eating my new lawn.
The landscapers did a lousy job, putting it in.
It's a mess.
It's growing in patches.
I gotta' laugh.
I like the rabbit, more than the grass.
He makes this imperfection, perfect for me.
I hate having new stuff.
The more expensive it is...
the worse it is...
Dings in new cars,
wine stains on expensive tables,
rips in expensive furniture.
It's too much heartache for me to bear.
People tell me that I should "splurge".
"Spend some of that money, you old fool!"
Maybe I'll go to the re-sale shop tomorrow.

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