Monday, August 23, 2010


we are all born with the weight of death,
on our shoulders.
some of us live, without ever thinking about it.
most of us dwell on it, from time-to-time.
then death reminds us: I AM HERE.
i say: "hey coach, why you pullin' me outta' the game?"
death answers: "it's your time son."
i guess its' time to ride the bench.
i'll catch you all on the "flip-flop".
i'm seeing more clearly now.
once death knocks on your door,
and you beat him,
things don't seem that bad.
sometimes i think death is peaceful,
like fishing.
i like fresh caught fish, sizzling in a pan.
the smell of butter and breading is good.
i'm on a beach, right there where i caught them.
after dinner, i look into the heavens.
i see a myriad of stars.
i'm thinking of my loves' smile.
if this is a dream, i never want to wake up.
i want to die with happy dreams.
i want a smile on my face.
as a young man, i never thought i'd be happy
with death.
no tears for's all a dream.
the unknown is waiting.
and that's alright, 'cause it ain't so bad.

1 comment:

  1. No, it ain't so bad as long as we leave with everyone important knowing we love them. I love you!!!!!!!!