Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i get sentimental these days...
i think of those glories,
of the past.
I had a young body,
so lithe and strong.
i used to knock the powder,
out of a 16" clincher.
i did fast sprints on cinder tracks.
i loved full contact football.
my dad taught me to box.
coach marcinak taught me to wrestle.
i watch the young ones...now.
jesus, they are babies.
it was just yesterday,
they were my heroes.
these pro-athletes looked like,
grown men to me back then.
these transient thoughts,
keep coming to me.
sports ghosts from the past.
I have other thoughts as well.
reminders of what i could have been.
memories of what i was.
i played the games.
some very well.
some not so well.
i might end up being,
an obscure blurb in some record book,
of "also rans".
this also applies to my academic life.
i was a better than average athlete,
a better than average student,
an average man,
sometimes a less than average man.
for that i beg forgivness.
yes, i still feel my spirit enter,
the young athletes' body.
I will them to win.
alone in my chair.
i root for them.
i feel their adrenaline rush.
through them,
i get sentimental.


  1. I forgive you Mr. Sentimental....Sincerely, and with best regards... Mr. Semi-mental Skywriter!

  2. Just reading that has affirmed my thoughts of you as a very intelligent man who understands there comes a time in all our lives when we have to sit alone in our chair & just enjoy it's someone elses prime time! That is maturity & a smart man who knows who he is. You have a great gift my dear friend, a great gift. What a writer!!! xxoo