Monday, August 2, 2010


I wake up sweating...
7 a.m.
it's 80 degrees, already.
my sheets are soaking wet.
funky smelling.
i jump in my shower, for relief.
"god-damned landlord, he don't fix shit!"
the shower comes in a trickle.
and it's cold.
no hot water heater.
i get ripped off...
every time i turn around.
by everyone.
i towel off and hit the streets.
still sweatin'...
city concrete soaks up the sun.
it makes my "hood" an oven.
no work out here.
no work anywhere...
i get a quart in a brown paper bag.
i sit with my homies.
share a joint.
gotta watch for John Law.
get three double-cheese...
from Mickey D's.
my lunch.
gut fillers.
later, i go to the club.
the tap-room has air-conditioning.
i'll look for some fine-ass stuff.
might get lucky,
who knows?
i'm thankful that the sun,
is finally going down.
this provides me, a little relief,
from the heat.
i leave the bar.
it's closing time.
ain't got no car.
little money left.
no welfare check for at least a week.
i'm all alone.
with my thoughts.
there's barely a breeze.
i sit in my window.
no screen.
just the din of neon lights.
i turn around.
go to bed.
i go to sleep, sweating.

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