Sunday, August 8, 2010


I've always had a love for books.
I own over two-thousand of them.
They're little works of art.
Each has its' own particular color and design.
I love the smell of them.
I like feeling the pages.
I like turning the page,
and encountering my next adventure.
I love to underline things...
which are important to me.
Sometimes, I write my impressions...
on the sides or bottoms of pages.
I am amused by the things I have written,
if I look twenty-or-thirty years later!
A man with books is always wealthy.
Knowledge is power.
It saddens me that people get their news,
and information from the internet, and television
these days.
I like to ponder over words.
When I have a book or a newspaper...
I get to re-read things that interest me.
Sometimes clarity comes only after,
a second read.
I hate the idea of the Kindle.
This device is hurting book stores.
I like sitting in book stores,
and looking for old treasures.
Sometimes I find valuable first editions.
They only cost me a dollar or two.
I especially love the old re-sale book shops.
I love the smell of those musty, old places.
I can walk out with an armful of books,
for a mere twenty-bucks!
Sometimes my old book stores have a coffee bar.
They usually play jazz or blues music.
I might sit in a beat up, overstuffed chair...
and read for hours.
In this fast-paced world of ours,
people need to reconnect with the old ways.
Faster isn't always better.
I like quality in my life.
That's why I value my books.


  1. Yes, quality in our lives. My five year old has her own book collection and she loves her books! I can only hope she continues to enjoy them for years to come. She tries so hard to read the words on the pages and if she can't she makes up her own story from the pictures. I am so proud that she will actually ask me to please read a story. Not a day goes by since she was born that I don't read at least two stories a day to her no matter how busy our day is. I love my books, too especially the one's you wrote. xxoo

  2. We did the same with our little girl...We read to her every night for an hour...It was really a lot of fun...No wonder she went on to become a teacher!...What you do today, makes a big difference!...I hope to see you on the 28th!...Our house is finally coming together...It is beautiful!...Thanks Debbie...I am glad you like my books!