Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i looked for my perfect mate.
in bars,
on street corners,
in churches,
grocery stores,
so many places more,
I gave up.
I was almost thirty.
I was divorced,
putting on some weight,
and mutilated by my expectations.
I made my own bad luck.
I made bad decisions.
I led with my heart,
instead of with my mind.
Cupid gave me a hard uppercut.
I was down for the count.
I wouldn't get up.
I kissed the canvas.
I was as low as a man can go.
There were no more wars to be fought.
I accepted bachelorhood,
a life alone.
I had my whiskey,
my books,
my cigarettes.
Maybe I would get a cat.
It could keep me company.
I knew there was no one for me.
I figured that loneliness can be an asset.
Then suddenly the answer appeared.
My lovely wife and I,
have been together thirty-years.

1 comment:

  1. That's funny because before I met my husband I pretty much gave up even thinking of being in a loving relationship. I must say though I led with my mind in my first marriage and it was a total failure. This time it was all my heart! Puts me in a very vulnerable place.xxoo