Friday, August 20, 2010


I find the need for intertia, and movement, in my life.
My body and mind rebel sometimes, but there is just too much to do.
The "moving forward ethic" was instilled in me by my parents.
They had what is called, "a Depression Era mentality".
They never had the opportunity to attend college;
but in spite of that, they were tireless, worker bees.
I often heard worn out adages like, "A penny saved is a penny earned".
My parents insisted that I work hard at school.
They also insisted that I work at menial jobs, so I could save money for college.
In the 50's and 60's we ate breakfast and dinner together,
at the kitchen table as a family.
Homework, and chores were required tasks to be done,
before watching television in the evening.
My parents also insisted that my brother, sister, and I,
got to bed at a reasonable hour, so we could pay attention in class.
Bad grades were unacceptable to our parents,
and we were denied all priviledges if we received them.
My dear parents taught me inertia.
I remember, they had tears in their eyes...
when I graduated from college.
I was the first in our family, to receive a Bachelor's Degree.
It mean a lot to them.
It was their reward, as much as it was mine.
My daughter did better than me.
She graduated Summa Cum Laude, from a prestigious private college.
My daugher had inertia.
She learned it from my mom, my wife, and me.
The best parents never give up on their children.
They see their children as wonderful gifts.
They invest their time in their kids.
It's not the job of the schools to parent children.
We as parents, have the responsibility to make sure,
that our children have the morals and values...
to take the necessary steps to move forward.
Yes, I still have inertia...
even if my mind and body sometimes rebel against it.
Old habits die hard.

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