Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm doing some house cleaning.
I'm down on my knees, and it hurts.
I'm de-cluttering.
A hoarder's life is not for me.
I want to be clean, when I'm elderly.
I figure if I do it now,
as best as I can,
things will not engulf me, ever again.
In later years when I'm in more pain,
the old junk will be gone,
my life will be framed,
in a minimalist way.
So out with the old,
and in with the new,
a spiritual housecleaning,
I also must do!
This must sound boring to younger pups,
but my wild, old times were quite enough.
If I didn't party, so hard you see,
it might be easier today, for me.
I must keep things neat, 'til I'm 70,
keep my house hip,
get with modernity.
Look at me!
I'm a cool dadio!
Though I limp and complain,
I'm still in the game.
My wife is proud,
she's patted my head,
I've cleaned out my fireplace,
I'm back in good stead.
Someday we'll sell this townhome, you see?
Then it's off to geezerland, whoopee!
The big old ranch house,
a three-car garage.
A gated community for seniors,
who dodge...
young folks with babies,
and the poor with no cash,
I'll have all the amenities,
a pain in the ass.
It's all so boring,
this antiseptic life.
I had more fun,
with worries and strife.


  1. When we were in Katy, carpet cleaning was always assigned to me as my daily task. Living in my aunt's minimalist vacation house with my cousins was a plus point. Everything was small and minute. These tasks were all an easy job for us. Added in this knowledge was the weekly sugar land carpet cleaning visitation back home because we always had time to watch them.