Saturday, August 14, 2010


i still don't know.
my real face has been worn off.
i wore too many masks.
are we damned to be posers?
sometimes, it's a miserable play.
always stay on guard.
watch for wickedness.
when it comes your way...
it knifes and slices,
through waves of joy.
it hits you blindside,
when you least expect it.
so put on another mask.
a game face, if you will.
suck it up.
don't whine.
get ready for battle.
forge an identity.
make it inpenetrable to enemies.
to avoid the infidels,
make it ever changeing.
adaptation is key to survival.
in this darwinian world,
the weak shall perish.
loving hearts are not enough.
only the calculating ones survive.
it is such a shame,
to have to stay on edge...
like the furtive rabbit.
it's better to be a predator.
adapt and wear the masks.
they give you leverage.
who am i?
i don't know.
i wear too many masks.
i must survive.


  1. Even the most clever perish before they are ready! The calculating end up with oxygen masks and dirty diapers!

  2. not this cowboy!...It's Amsterdam, and a suicide shot for me...oh heroin!

  3. Poser!!!! If it wasn't for my keen ability to adapt there is no way I would have had the pleasure of enjoying your work today! I don't like wearing masks, however the truth is sometimes hard for people to accept! Don't you dare leave for Amsterdam without me!!! xxoo