Thursday, August 12, 2010


she lost her mundane job.
no one cared.
she lost her health.
no one showed compassion.
finally, she lost her boyfriend.
the doctors told her she had...
six months to live.
so, she got busy.
she decided to live all her dreams.
she rented a high priced apartment,
with huge windows.
she bought beautiful, expensive things.
she bought a wonderful stereo.
she danced in the nude.
she laughed out loud.
she started smiling again.
she ate pizza.
she drank beer.
she made love.
she gave up worry.
she looked at sunrises.
she gazed at sunsets.
she ran out of money.
so she pawned all the stuff.
she hit the streets.
she sang her heart out,
for pennies.
she had a beautiful voice.
a man of means noticed her.
he booked her in his nightclub.
she started making some big money.
she finally went back to the hospital.
she was cancer free.
the doctors shook their heads.
they asked her what she did.
she said, "I did everything i love."
so celebrate your life.
make love.
be healthy.
be a living miracle.

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  1. I always did enjoy dancing in the nude! Great work!!! xxoo