Saturday, August 7, 2010


there is no rest.
there is no play.
my game face is really on today.
for people come without brotherly cheer.
to fight, and scratch, and take,
i fear.
what i have worked for,
with all of my might,
i won't go down without a fight.
i'll stand on my principles
for i know i am right.

i am overworked and overtaxed.
i earn every penny by breaking my back.
i wasn't part of the welfare state.
i was too proud, i thought i should wait.
for rewards would come,
when i was elderly.
i was young and strong,
freebies weren't for me.

now they tell me, that i am through.
"your money we squandered,
it's not there for you.'
'we gave it away to foreign states,
to homeless immigrants,
and corporate rakes.'
'we gave it to bankers,
and lawyers, and fools.'
'there's nothing left,
for an old man like you."

so i go out and find
a low paying job.
i must fight again,
with the hustling mob.
something ain't right,
i should get my due.
i worked for americans
like me and you.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it is a shame. My husband always says to me that Americans are far too kind and foreigners have abused that kindness. This coming straight from an immigrant! They have taken advantage of our system. We need to start taking advantage of it ourselves. The problem is that is not how we were raised. That money should be for people who really need it not want to abuse it. xxoo