Monday, August 9, 2010


i lost my damn bill caps.
i threw 'em away.
it was a few weeks ago,
on a rainy, dark day.
the basement was flooded.
they were in a plastic bag.
some were soakin' wet.
i felt real bad.
i must have tossed them,
with some other crap.
now they're in a landfill.
they ain't comin' back.
i lost the one that said:
i lost all my "cat" hats,
and so many more.
i must sound silly.
i guess this is true.
but, i'm sick at heart,
and i'm feelin' so blue.
these caps, you see,
were a part of me.
my statement about a lifestyle,
my identity.
i lost my damn bill caps.
they can't be replaced.
i tore the whole house up...
looked all over the place.
i'm feelin' better,
just writin' this down.
the past is the past.
i can't change things around.
a man must keep movin'.
we lose lotsa' things.
but one thing i must keep,
is my self esteem.
for a cap is a cover,
for what's in a head.
i can always buy new ones.
ain't nobody dead.
my brain finds a way,
to bring me some peace.
this late night writin',
is something at least.
so plod on i will,
without my damn caps.
i wrote this here poem,
so i guess i'll relax.
i still have the main things,
my wife and my kid.
why get upset,
over some silly old "lids"?

1 comment:

  1. Sorry about the caps but this is one hell of a it! Maybe you need to lose more stuff? Ha! Why just this second I'll bet I lost at least one hundred billion Neutrinos just in my left nostril alone! Ooops...just coughed up another trillion! It's overwhelming!